T h e P a t h
t o N a t i o n a l S u i c i d e

 An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism

  by Lawrence Auster

About the Author

Originally published by the American Immigration Control Foundation in 1990, The Path to National Suicide represented the first sustained attempt to show that the post-1965 immigration, by transforming America’s historic ethnic and racial composition, was the main driving force behind multiculturalism and the dismemberment of America.

Mr. Auster’s argument helped make the cultural consequences of non-Western immigration a topic of mainstream debate. His appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire” in 1991 marked the first time the cultural impact of immigration was critically discussed on national television. His April 1992 article in National Review, “The Forbidden Topic,” was the first article in any mainstream national magazine that criticized immigration for its impact on America’s ethnic and cultural identity. The cultural argument has helped turn many former immigration supporters into immigration restrictionists. Mr. Auster’s subsequent booklets on immigration have been Huddled Clichés: Exposing the Fraudulent Arguments that Have Opened America’s Borders to the World, and Erasing America: The Politics of the Borderless Nation, both available from American Immigration Control Foundation (www.aicfoundation.com).

Mr. Auster’s articles have appeared in National Review, Insight, Academic Questions, Miami Herald, New York Newsday, Arizona Republic, Human Events, The Social Contract, Culture Wars, American Renaissance, NewsMax, and, most recently, FrontPage Magazine, where he has written many articles on the Islamic threat and what to do about it, as well as on immigration, the Iraq war, the ideology of democratism, and racial preferences. At his website, View from the Right, www.amnation.com/vfr, he articulates the principles of traditionalist conservatism and applies them to contemporary issues.

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